The world revolves around fear. Peel back the layers on any societal issue and you find the base emotion of fear. We are motivated by it, it overwhelms us and we are held back from our full potential because of it, and ultimately we let it control us.

One common theme throughout history is mankind’s need for some sort of explanation of the universe. So we have multiple religions that are based on us wanting to understand the world around us. We must know! The alternative is scary, so we make up stories to sooth ourselves into a false sense of security. Worried about what happens after we die? There’s an explanation for that. Wonder why bad things happen and our human efforts to punish it seem futile? Let’s invent a judgement that no one can see or touch, but that is so bad that no one will ever want to experience it; except the real world laughs in our face every minute of every day. The fear of not knowing can get so overwhelming that those who use these stories to soothe themselves will even become hysterical when others don’t play along. It is another kind of fear; fear of being alone. So we pray.

We are a superstitious lot. We know intuitively that the fantasy of safety in numbers is illogical. We tell ourselves little stories in our head every day to keep our brains from spinning out of control. The childhood that we left behind that might contain monsters under the bed has been proven to be just our immaturity, right? Except there are monsters under the bed, just not every day. So we tell ourselves it was all just silly. The 100 times we looked and there was nothing means that the 101st time will statistically follow the pattern. Contemplating that this time will be different will bring on anxiety so paralyzing that we are unable to function. We are afraid to make a move for fear that we were wrong, and reality is not what we imagined. Our brain is telling us that our stories we made up in our head are just not true. We must face our fear. Then we shut down and pack our thoughts into the cotton wool of denial. Life goes on.